Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pepper can Swim!

Yesterday when we went to the beach (which we do nearly every day) I accidentally threw Peppers ball a bit too far into the sea. Normally she just paddles in the shallow bits that have no scary waves and stays well away from anything deeper than her knees. But today she had her brave big dog paws on and she went into the sea! She had sooooo much fun. She even did some swimming, & loved it so much she even started leaping in and diving through the waves! I was jumping up and down with excitement and I think all the other people on the beach thought I was a bit mad.

The signs we have at Wellington off leash dog walking areas.

Check Pepper out!!!

Here's a very short video in one of the shallow areas

Shaking it off

And I thought I could enter this one in Tuckers Sit Stay Competition. What do you think?