Monday, August 8, 2011


"Puppy" was finally named after 3 weeks at home, as the title obviously alludes to, she is called Folly (don't ask me why, I don't know another dog called that and it just stuck!) She's 12 weeks old now.

She is doing really well fitting into our lives. Can be a little distracted with training (walking away to sniff around etc) but she is getting better every day and is so quick and smart. Starting to love the beach and happy plays in the shallow water. Will now pretty much bring me back any item I throw, even with distractions (like seagulls and a black poddle-y dog at the beach today)

Pepper has been clingy and sooky ever since she arrived but again is slowly getting used to the new rules ad being frequently tormented and is getting over herself!

We had a jumpers champs competition this weekend and met my goal of 4 from 6 clear rounds, we also managed to get a 3rd in one class, so that was an unexpected bonus.

And Folly was great with travelling and staying away and hanging out at the shows.

Here she is keeping warm (it was freezing cold on the Saturday and poured with rain on Sunday) and playing tug with her friend Yasi (a working Kelpie)

Here is what I saw yesterday when the dreaded "quiet" descended while I was cooking.

Pepper has only ever dug one hole in her life, so it's hardly a habit. But for her to start now, and then for Folly to join in and copy her - NOT helpful for the puppy's domestic training!

And I've tried everyones suggestions about leaving comments, but nothing seems to work :(