Monday, August 8, 2011


"Puppy" was finally named after 3 weeks at home, as the title obviously alludes to, she is called Folly (don't ask me why, I don't know another dog called that and it just stuck!) She's 12 weeks old now.

She is doing really well fitting into our lives. Can be a little distracted with training (walking away to sniff around etc) but she is getting better every day and is so quick and smart. Starting to love the beach and happy plays in the shallow water. Will now pretty much bring me back any item I throw, even with distractions (like seagulls and a black poddle-y dog at the beach today)

Pepper has been clingy and sooky ever since she arrived but again is slowly getting used to the new rules ad being frequently tormented and is getting over herself!

We had a jumpers champs competition this weekend and met my goal of 4 from 6 clear rounds, we also managed to get a 3rd in one class, so that was an unexpected bonus.

And Folly was great with travelling and staying away and hanging out at the shows.

Here she is keeping warm (it was freezing cold on the Saturday and poured with rain on Sunday) and playing tug with her friend Yasi (a working Kelpie)

Here is what I saw yesterday when the dreaded "quiet" descended while I was cooking.

Pepper has only ever dug one hole in her life, so it's hardly a habit. But for her to start now, and then for Folly to join in and copy her - NOT helpful for the puppy's domestic training!

And I've tried everyones suggestions about leaving comments, but nothing seems to work :(


  1. yay for a name!! :) that's great!
    Ooooh hehe, bugger about the hole digging. I'm sure you'll be able to sort that out in no time. We had a bout of hole digging, but putting their poos in the holes fixed that!

  2. Hi Folly,
    Nice to meet you and to learn your new name. You sound like a very clever puppy, and congrats to Pepper for her 3rd place.

    Woofs Riley

    (and a PS from Riley's human... I had the same problem and couldn't leave commments for weeks. I use a PC and the only thing that has worked so far for me is to delete all the browsing history (including favourite website data) which is an option under "tools", then do it again, then restart the computer, then delete browsing history again! Now log in with your user name and password (without a tick in the box to remember me). You might need to do this every week or two as the computer seems to store cookies and other info stored that stops us posting comments - but it does work for a while! Good luck.)

  3. Folly is adorable!!

    Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack

  4. Folly is an adorable name! I love uncommon names that you don't hear all of the time. Good choice. And she's as cute as ever. I'm glad she's settling in well.

    Don't worry about Pepper. It took Storm a while to learn to like Jackal too. :) And congrats on her clean runs and third place. That's awesome!

  5. Oh no holes. Mum tried puttin poos in em but we just dug a fresh hole. We can post comments on blogs but we can't actually "publish" our own blog from our home computer now cos we accidentally installed EXPLORER 9. SIGH!!!

  6. Hi Folly,

    It is very nice to meet you offically (with a name).

    We are glad to hear your training is going well, our human goes on all the time about how puppies are little sponges!

    We look forward to some day meeting Folly...hopefully we won't squash her! :S

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  7. Hey, Pepper - and welcome, Folly! We're sure you'll bond into a tight pack in no time. Abby loves to dig holes and admires your technique. She's been digging for 7 years :)

    Just wanted to let you know our slothful mama finally got your mirror ball trophy finished and mailed, to celebrate your win for Best Use of Props in Honey's Dancing With The Doggie Stars contest. You may vaguely recall that we offered to provide the mirror ball trophies this year. Congratulations! You seem to be on a winning steak, Pepper!

    Jed & Abby

  8. I'm so so sorry it's taken me this long to come around and say hello to Folly!! We actually wanted to pop over just when you got her but it was just a few days before my humans left on their travels and Hsin-Yi was just running around like a crazy person - so we have had to save it until we got back and things settled down a bit.

    Anyway, it's so nice to meet you, Folly! We just LOVE your name!!! Hsin-Yi really likes "unusual" names for doggies (hmm, wonder why she called me "Honey" then - huh?) - and your name is just the coolest!! And you are such a pretty pup too! I'm sure Pepper is going to love having a permanent playmate around. Am looking forward to getting to know you better and watching you grow up! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane