Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby retrieve & spins

The puppy has been here for two weeks (and shamefully still has no name - any ideas very much appreciated - every name so far either isn't quite right, or we already know/have/had a dog/horse/cat with that name)

She's settled in very well, although is rather opinionated and stubborn.
One of the trickiest things so far has been trying to get her to bring anything back to me - she loves running away with toys (or things that aren't toys!), and taking them off to chew them. And when training with food she hasn't been keen to also tug or pick up a toy. So I'm very pleased to have gotten her retrieving in a controlled environment.

Also, sorry I haven't commented on anybodies blogs for a long time - blogger isn't letting me. I know others have had this problem, any tips on how to fix it would be great.


  1. She is really clever for a ten-month-old puppy! Remember that you have only two more weeks before the deadline of her registration, which means you will need to choose her name by then! I understand you want to choose a name that best matches her though:-)

    By the way, about the problem in commenting, I use a workaround Honey gave me:

    > when it redirects you to the "Sign In" page,
    > just type your name & password again but
    > UNTICK the box for "Keep me signed in"

    I hope it works for you too.

  2. Maybe when "puppy" is five you can just change her name to "poppy". Poor little no named dog... lol

  3. Good luck with finding a name you like. When I first saw your puppy, apart from the obvious name of "Patch", the other name that came to mind was the old fashioned girls name "Tui" for her lovely white chest and shinny coat (not the drink!), though I'm not sure if the name will make sense to anyone beyond NZ.

  4. Puppy is adorable and very smart! I love her leg with the white sock!

  5. She is so cute! I'm horrible with names (it takes me forever too) so I'm not much help there. :) Good luck thinking of something.

  6. OO have you picked a name for her yet since you posted this post?!

    She looks like lots of fun with lots of energy! :)

    She also makes the 13weeks old puppy we have at home look like a dumb dumb - he runs into walls and sliding doors!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    LExi and Jasper the Danes