Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WAG Jumpers Champs

We had a good Saturday at WAG jumpers champs show - three clears from three runs and two 5th placings from fairly decent sized classes.
I was pleased with how she ran, still so much to learn and work on, and I know she can go faster! We had a few big wide and slow turns which cost heaps of time and in the 1st run I was sure we were faulted when I called her too hard from a jump and pulled her off it, but luck and a kind judge were on our side and gave us a clear.

Folly chilling out in her crate, with her new pink flamingo toy. She's a real dude at shows and is so far relaxed and laid back and no trouble - fingers crossed this continues.

Some of the North Shore dogs:






Thursday, September 1, 2011

Folly goes back

Folly at 14 weeks learning to back up, she's just too much fun and I waste way too much time playing with her. We have a busy couple of weeks coming up with agility comps and doing our fist AD next weekend, which is a bit scary. Pretty sure that if we even make it to the weaves we'll get dqed at them, so hopefully they're towards the end of the course so we can get a bit of a run in.