Monday, May 17, 2010

Yes, we're still here!

Sorry it's been so long between posts, getting our internet sorted out (and my computer connecting!) was a minor struggle
But we're here, in Auckland, in our great new wee house. (I'll post pics of that next time)
But here are a few pictures of our move.
We had a last play at our favourite beach

Check out these wicked dance moves

We were so lucky to have Bens company pay for a moving company to move us - they took care of everything but best of all carried everything down all our stairs in Wellington! Pepper was a great help of course, making sure the boxes behaved themselves and offering the movers a game of ball every time they came back up the steps

The trip up started out a little dicey (due to a big night the night before saying goodbye to friends) but it was a lovely drive.
We stayed in a rather outdated but comfortable and importantly dog friendly motel in Taupo on the way up, just to break the trip up a bit.

We stopped at the at the Huka falls - we checked with the information people and they said dogs were allowed so Pepper got to check them out too!
Ben & Pepper stretching their legs after being stuck in the car

Can you see her on the bridge? She was very brave!
Autumn in the central North Island
With Ben and a big giant dog!
Checking out the Mare & Foal with me in Cambridge. She was very wary of this, growling, hackles up, totally confuzzled. She took a bit of convincing that they weren't real, although she's never growled at a real horse, she always just wants to lick their noses.
So far I give Auckland a big thumbs up - for the weather at least! I HATE the cold and it really is so much warmer up here, especially compared to the South Island, were we're from originally.
Sadly Pepper has had some continuing urinary problems. (Ever since she came to us she's had very mild incontinence but it was causing her to have bad and recurring infections) I thought we were on top of things since starting on Propalin 3 months ago. I had been reluctant to start this medication due to her age but she has had no incontinence (and hence no infections) at all since being on it. When we picked her up from the boarding place last weekend they mentioned she had been straining, had increased frequency (all signs of infection) and some yucky discharge, although Pepper was still her same happy wee self. We went straight to a Vet that weekend and lucked out by striking a knowledgeable, kind and gentle vet called Gareth. He suggested doing a raft of new tests - bloods, bladder contrast xrays and bladder biopsy (we've already had ultrasound and urine cultures in Wellington) and we booked an appointment for that in a weeks time. Over the week at home however the frequency and straining had pretty much stopped and when I went back yesterday I explained that I had reservations about undertaking invasive procedures if she was well and that I felt possibly she had a cervical infection (due to the yucky discharge). And the Vet agreed! After reading her notes he felt it was probably not a bladder problem and that it would be a waste of my money doing these investigations (what a breath of fresh air it was to hear that!) So we will aim to do bloods & vaginal/cervical swab, try a special food to keep the urine at the right PH and go from there. He agrees with my thinking that stress may be responsible (stress & change in toileting leading to incontinence and then infection) and that we could try some herbal stress remedies if she does have to go into a kennel or has a "lifestyle change" again. She must really internalise her stress though, as she is such a laid back dog almost all of the time. So we don't really know whats going on still but it's great to have a vet that's not going to push for unnecessary procedures and is keen to give her a bit of time.
Sorry for the rant, its been great going and catching up on everyones posts!


  1. Poor Pepper with her 'wee' problems! Our vet thought Snoopy's was stress related too - as it all started when she came to live with us, new people, new routine, new everything; tho I guess we are lucky in that the propalin has fixed Snoopy's. I hope you manage to get Pepper's sorted. And yup, we would love to see you at dog training sometime - tho totally understand trying to fit it in around life being a bit of a mission!

  2. I am sorry to hear about Pepper's possible infections. I hope she will be back to her normal self as she gets used to new environments, and hopefully the warmer climate will help.

    By the way what motel did you stay in Taupo? We are looking for dog friendly accommodation in Taupo, so I would appreciate it if you would give me the motel's contact information.

    Also, I was wondering if we could meet up on the weekend if the weather is not too bad and you have some free time. Would you please email to our email address you can find in my profile page? I hope to see you soon!!


  3. Hi Pepper - glad to hear that your humans like Auckland (my humans think it is a wonderful place!) and hope you're settling in OK. It's great that you found a good vet you like immediately - that is so important! And I see from above that Cinnamon has already extended the paw of welcome!! I'm so happy - it will be great for you to have some doggie friends in a new place.

    My human says as usual, all the beautiful pictures you post of NZ make her awfully homesick!

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. Hi Pepper
    Glad you're home now, and if you want to catch up some time we can show you some of our doggy places, that are on the map and off the map.

    Licks Bodie & Goo

  5. great to hear you pepper :D
    we where kinda worried
    Sanne was to go to nz to!! one day she always says

    El'bow & Hauwii