Monday, July 5, 2010

It's raining, its pouring.

It's too rainy in Auckland - bring back summer! We're still managing to go for a short walk a day but it's just not satisfying enough for Pepper! So we've been doing lots of training and playing so she doesn't go completely loopy.

These pictures show how ridiculous the weathers been. The rain photo was from one side of the house and the sun photo was from the other side of the house literally 4 seconds later - pouring down in one place and sunny in the other, it makes no sense!
Even a cool new shark stuffie doesn't make up for a lack of zooming around outside.

Last week Pepper learnt to weave through legs and cottoned on pretty quick, she's much better when you get the ball out but it's hard to train her to go fast inside cause we have slippery wooden floors.

She's got her paws crossed hoping that it will stop raining soon!

We had a friend come and stay for the night last week - Sode is a 3 year old lab cross, her owner is my friend Kate who is going away to be a Dr in a war zone for a few months (scary!). Sode's like a small black ball of muscle and was immediately the alpha dog, the second she came in she collected up Peppers toys and balls into a corner and wouldn't let her near them. Pepper is very submissive and just accepted this and carried on wagging her tail and watching Sode systematically destroy all of her rubber chew toys.

And finally, have you ever heard of anything so stupid? I got Peppers new registration tag yesterday and while trying to bend it into shape (they're really stiff) it fell out of my hands and into the heater. Honestly, it could only happen to me. So it was well and truly stuck inside and to make matters worse its the only heater we have and it was freezing! It took me nearly three hours to extract it and I can tell you it was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life.


  1. so you we're tiring to heat up the tag to make it sofer? and it flipped and fell inside the heater?? lol... you made me feel a little better ... yesterday i managed to lose a key down the elevator shaft *sigh*

  2. Pepper's weaves are great and so is her pick up her toys trick!!!

    Winter is awful whether it's rain or snow! I am hoping our summer goes by very slowly!

  3. Hehe welcome to Auckland Pepper, where there are all 4 seasons in one day :p Your labrador friend looks just like one of the Mobility DOgs Laura was training, his name was Jet - he is now working for someone who is in a wheel chair! :)

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  4. Oh my goodness, look at that rain!! I have to admit - for all its negatives, at least winter in Brisbane is better! (Although the hot, humid summers more than cancel it out, I think!)

    I had to laugh at your heater story - that sort of thing is always happening to me! :-)


  5. Yes, Auckland weather is so unpredictable. In winter you always need to be prepared for a sudden rain even when you can see no cloud in the sky.

    Oh you can put away all your toys by yourself! How clever!! In our house toys are everywhere. I want you to come over to help us tidy up the rooms!

    So, was the new registration tag safely taken out without being melt or anything? I hope it was.


  6. Hi Pepper, your dog tag, hah funny, that's something Mum would do... Your weaves are looking really cool, are you up at the club on Tuesdays - if you are look for Mum, she is taking a few people in the tricks class and can show you the next cool weave move to do. To keep you on your toes while we are stuck inside, - you're right RAIN - WE ARE OVER IT!!! Thats why the song by the Finns "Four Seasons in One Day" is about Auckland. Four Seasons in One Minute is more like it. wOOf.

  7. Ok, winter rain is no fun, but winter is also what brings our beloved snow. So we will take winter over summer.