Monday, September 20, 2010

Cross-country Dog

Poor Pepper. I'm taking my horse withdrawals out on her.

Found an off leash park on the road out to Murawi beach that also has an arena and a cross-country course, so naturally she was encouraged to play horsey and zoom around and over some of them.
Weeeee over the wall
Down a bank
Bigggg jump
Its actually suprisingly difficult to co-ordinate getting the dog over jump, while holding/throwing the ball and trying to taking pictures.
And this is what I would really like to be doing again :( Soon hopefully, when I'm rich and own a farm.


  1. Wheee, go Pepper!!! Looks like such fun. Poor Snoopy had similar trials yesteday, we went to Cornwall Park and I had her on her inheirited flexi lead (from Toby), so I could do stuff with her, she had to walk along the top of walls, jump over walls, off stuff and so on. The things we put our dogs through ;)

  2. I know how you feel! I miss riding so much and it'll be another two years before Chrome is old enough. Sigh. Pepper is totally adorable taking those jumps. My dogs try to go around or under things instead of jumping. Lazy mutts. :) Those are fantastic pictures I might add especially considering everything you were juggling. :D

  3. Look at Pepper taking those jumps! Amazing! Mom loves horses too and always wanted to have one but she's still waiting to get rich and own a farm! :)

  4. Gosh - I thought you did amazingly with the photos!! I could never coordinate myself to do all that (well - maybe I could now with my super duper new camera! :-)

    Pepper looks like she's ready to take on the Grand National - ha! ha!

    Thanks for your recent comments on Honey's blog - I always love your comments coz they are always so detailed, thoughtful and interesting! :-)


  5. Good on you Pepper for going over those jumps when you could have gone round them. You must love jumping.