Saturday, November 6, 2010


This is what we think of them

Pepper has been a nervous wreck this fireworks season, poor thing. We had fireworks shot over the fence beside us in bright sunlight while on a walk on Wednesday and since then she's not been herself, just spending heaps of time sulking on her mat. Our neighbour spent 4 hours setting them off on Friday night. Totally ridiculous. We're supposed to be in a "recession" and yet people can still manage to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on glorified sparklers.

So many animals get injured at this time of the year. A live blackbird had four firecrackers strapped to his chest. Worse, a horse at the pony club next to our dog club broke both his front legs when some kids snuck into the reserve beside his paddock and starting letting the stupid bloody things off. He spent the entire night lying in the paddock in agony, was found in the morning in huge distress and was obviously euthanised. So sad and such a horrible way to die. Makes me sick and my blood boil.

And then to make matters worse I have to deal with all these idiots at work, patching up their drunken firework induced burns, Grrrrr!


  1. Poor Pepper :( Arrow is hating the fireworks too.

    On a brighter note, your new blog is pretty!

  2. Fireworks are illegal here unless you have a special license. I'm glad they are. Poor Bender wouldnt cope with all the banging.

  3. Do you think a Thunder shirt would help her during the fireworks?

  4. I've heard about thunder shirts - I'll look into it, thanks! In NZ you can only sell fireworks for 5 days a year (Nov 1-5) but you can let them off whenever you like - so stupid and yuck

  5. aww pepper :(
    missed you on our bog though the mangroves and mud on sat :P

    we got told off by the DOC lady so we couldn't go the beach part and had to go to the estuary.... which would have been fine except we were shin high in swampy mud.... mmmmm you would have luffed it!
    snoopy managed to get some in the middle of her back?!
    wasn't the same without you
    a flock of horses awaited our return to the carpark...

    some kids decided the middle of the top of our road would be a great place to get trashed and light fireworks.... funnily the cops came and took a car without warrant and rego away... i think Kaha called it in :P
    then the 10 of them thought getting in one car would be a good idea in front of the cops!?

  6. One of the great things about living in the middle of nowhere - no crazy neighbors.

  7. Oh my God, Pepper's expression is priceless!

    Poor thing - it can be so hard on the dogs who find fireworks frightening. I get so annoyed as well - it seems so stupid. I really wish they would just stick to public displays and ban home fireworks coz they're usually done by stupid teenager boys or drunken men trying to be 'cool' - and I always remember hearing horrific stories back in Auckland of kittens set on fire or stuff like that. And they also seem to be starting them earlier and earlier now and going on for longer - like a week before the actual day! I think for those who enjoy the beauty of fireworks, a public display is more than enough!


  8. Oh, poor Pepper! I think one of the problems is that no one seems to teach manners with and around fireworks here. In Japan no one sets off the shooting-up type of fireworks in the backyard unless it is a really huge backyard. Usually people do it only in a large open field. Also, I am astonished by the size of fireworks that are available for the public to purchase. Although fireworks are a popular summer activity in Japan, usually only small ones are available from shops, and instead people enjoy watching big ones in safe public displays.