Monday, April 11, 2011

If it rains it pours.....

Just two weeks ago I made the comment that wasn't it great that Pepper hadn't injured herself or had to go to the vet at all since November. Well I totally jinxed myself, In the past 10 days we've had to go three times. First she lacerated three of the pads on her feet again (this time they weren't too bad and I just got off by just showing the vet and dressing her paw myself).

Then three days later while on the beach she got explosive (like you would not believe!) diarrhea. We were 30 minutes aways from the car and after 20minutes she refused to go any further due to constant bum leakage. I would not recommend to anybody to try and carry a wet, squirming, sandy dog, especially one that is violently leaking out of its rear end. I was really worried so took her straight to the vet (we were in Muriwai so 40minute drive there) Of course, y the time we arrived she had made my car smell unbelievable (in a bad way) but had perked up quite considerable and was happy as a clam. A quick check up showed no temp and no sore tummy. It continued to a much lesser extent over night but fine the next day.

The final insult was yesterday when she was playing in the hedge in the back garden. She came out shaking her head and holding her right ear off to the side. I had a good look, couldn't see anything. It seemed to bother her for a couple of hours but then she seemed fine the rest of the day/night. This morning not so much - lots of head shaking/tilting and funny ear positions. So off to the vet who saw a piece of stick embedded right down the bottom of her ear canal. She needed to have an anaesthetic to have it removed because it was so deep. Since she's come home she's been hugely incontinent so I really hope that she doesn't get another UTI on top of everything.

Tonight shes still as happy as ever and was not impressed about not being able to go to training tonight, destroying one of the boxes I was using for packing to make her displeasure known!

Swimming away all her troubles

Up periscope!

To finish, some very cute photos of a friends 8 week old working kelpie puppy, Kep.


  1. blimmin accident prone dogs, who'd have 'em?!
    No more accidents for a while please Pepper! Silly dog wog!
    Very cute photos tho, love the 'up periscope' pic!

  2. Oh my gosh - that's a lot in a few weeks! I hope Pepper does not have a UTI on top of everything else. Sending good thoughts your way!

  3. Poor Pepper!! How awful! Well they say bad things come in threes so hopefully you're done with the bad luck for a while. I hope she's feeling better.

    That puppy is so cute!

  4. O dear Pepper, you certainly have been in the wars!

    Hehe we took a mobility dog to the beach once and he had a similar bottom problem on the walk back to the car - his was casued by to much swiming and swallowing salt water ;)

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  5. Oh, poor Pepper. Neither damaged paws, a leakage from the backside, nor a little stick in an ear is a pleasant thing to have. I hope she has no more incident like those for a while!

  6. Oh Pepper! Sorry this is so late but you poor thing! Bad luck does always come in threes, doesn't it? Although it sounds like you were a lot less bothered by it all than your poor humans! Hah! Us doggies move on from things so quickly, don't we? :-)

    OH! I also wanted to tell you about my new contest!!! It was made for doggies especially like you and I'm counting on you to enter and be one of my stars!! Please come over to my blog to see all the details!

    Honey the Great Dane