Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Pepper!

Today is Peppers 1st birthday!

Obviously she is highly embarrassed about being made to wear a party hat, and rightly so, she looks ridiculous. Oh the shame.

We went to a shop we have just discovered, Miss Maggies and got some cookies and a liver muffin (we wanted to get a cupcake but they didn't have any today) We found out that they sell Possyum - a possum meat dog roll that we used to use for training treats in Wellington, its really stinky and holds together well when in small pieces so is ideal for training but we hadn't found a place to buy it up here - I'm so happy to find a place that sells it and they're just down the road too.

We went for a walk in Waiatarua Reserve and as I let her play in every muddy puddle/bog/stinking water hole that we came across. She made the most of it too and ended up smelling like a toilet. But she was a happy toilet so that was ok. We also went to the "Big King" for the first time and climbed up a wee hill to look out over Auckland. It was cold but a nice walk and great view plus lots of other dogs to play with.

So my wee funny looking puppy is now a dog, still (almost) as cute though!


  1. Awww Pepper is gorgeous!!!! Happy Birthday Pepper!!!


  2. Happy birthday Pepper, looks like you had an awesome day - Big King is cool huh?! lots of slobbers from Snoopy & Arrow :)

  3. Happy 1st Birthday Pepper!!! What a beautiful place for a walk - how lucky that you got to come home smelling like a toilet (LOL!) but hope you weren't wearing your new collar! :)

    Your shy trick is really, really cute and good!

  4. Happy weppy b-day to WOOOOOOOOO
    and many more :)

    El'bow & Hauwii

  5. aww shes 1 already? i bet pepper was half as muddy after the big king... mind you she does seem to have a gift for finding the lovely smells and things to take home like dirt and mud :)

    we luuuurve the big king, Kaha goes nuts for it... i love that its the whole mountain and good solid walk for us bi-peds

  6. Happy Birthday Pepper!! I love your paw-on-nose trick! Your new collar is also looking nice on you. Possum meat dog roll? That sounds very yummy. I must ask Mum to get some for me too.

    Oh, you went to Waiatarua Reserve, which is only a fifteen-minute walk from my house. I wish I could've joined you for the walk to celebrate your birthday. I have never been to Big Kings. The view from the hill looks wonderful!

    Pohutukawa flower in this time of year? Very strange. I think you were lucky to find it!


  7. Happy Birthday, Pepper!! Sounds like you had a great day - the perfect doggy kind! :-) so homesick as usual coming to your blog - I remember going to all those places! And yes, the other dancing doggies in my club on Thur nights used to train with Possyum too - although my humans found it easier to get "Chunky" from our local New World which is the same consistency and yumminess (smells deliciously of garlic!) and comes in chicken or lamb flavour - and like Possyum, doesn't need to be refrigerated...great training treats. It's in the pet food section (non-refrigerated). So you can always try that if you can't find Possyum some time.

    Like your new collar - very fancy! And you're really filling out, aren't you? :-) BY the way, Hsin-Yi says to say thank you very much to Emily for answering her questions!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  8. Happy Birthday Pepper. Hope it has been a great one.

  9. Happy Birthday Pepper!!

    You were just the cutest puppy and have turned into a beautiful young lady :)

    Looks like you had a fabulous day!

    Licks and lots of Slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  10. Happy birthday Pepper!! You are soooo gorgeous in that last picture!