Friday, June 18, 2010

Meeting Snoopy, Arrow and Kaha. And some naughty goings on.

Today we were invited to go for a walk at Craigavon park with another blogger friend Helen and her two dogs, Snoopy the rescued pig dog and the ex speedster Arrow the greyhound. Helen's friend Leilei also came with her dog, sibord Kaha. When we arrived Snoopy and Pepper hit it off straight away - the two of them tore around in large circles playing chase, with Pepper displaying her extremely embarrassing high pitched squeals and yelps. All the dogs got on really well, although Kaha did take a little too much of a liking to Pepper towards the end! (this is a common problem for us with male dogs - we think probably because of her issues with her reproductive bits)

Go Kaha!
There was another dog playing too - he was a sibord like Kaha.

Craigavon park has some permanent agility equipment - tunnels, tyres, a wee dog walk, and so we played with the dogs around the equipment.
Snoopy struting her stuff on the dog walk

And Pepper through the tyre.

And out of the tunnel

Snoopy making herself smell delicious!

And I didn't get any pictures of the beautiful Arrow (except for the half one above) so we'll have to meet up again so I can papparazi him too!

We also wanted to show some incriminating evidence. Pepper is normally very mellow and "well-behaved" when it comes to being left at home alone, or in the car or in the yard. The only time she ever seems to do "naughty" things is when I'm working night shift and sleeping during the day - she must get so frustrated that I'm not getting up and playing that she takes to mischief! This is from last weeks efforts. I was woken mid-morning by a pair of extremely muddy paws bopping me on the face (not to mention the linen) and then this is what I discovered - excavation work had begun.

The dirt was flung for miles on either side of the hole. The time before she dug up three out of four fern-y type plants and shredded them to pieces Obviously she hates night shift nearly as much as I do.
You'd think butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Not quite.


  1. very cool pics :) naughty Pepper digging tho!

  2. oooh pepperONI that looks like funn :D
    you furiends are really fast :D

    El'bow & Hauwii

  3. Hi!, Kaha's Mum here :)

    it was lovely to meet you! and yay for Auckland having lots of interesting places to go i'm emailing you a piccy of arrow right now to round out your collection

  4. just realized i don't have your email... ha... and only now noticed blogspot doesn't have an email ed button... we'll i'm sure Helen will forward the pic on, but we really must do it all again sometime soon :)

  5. Hi Pepper - that first picture of you is JUST GORGEOUS!!!!! Really - your eyes look so beautiful and glowing...

    And yes - I've been to Craigavon Park and tried out the Agility equipment there too! :-) We did it as one of our classes with our wonderful trainer, Flip (Flip's Top Dog) - it was great fun although I found the dog walk too narrow for me to go on and I was a bit scared of the tunnel at first but I got it in the end! :-)

    Hey! You know when I first started dancing classes out at Ardmore, I met a doggie called Kaha who was a sibord too! I wonder if it's the same dog as yor new friend? His owner was an Asian girl, although Hsin-Yi can't really remember her name. How cool if it was!

    Anyway, glad you found some new friends and had a great time!

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. Hi Pepper! Wow, I envy you!! I haven't met up with any friends for playing since our walk together at Cornwall Park. I wish I could've joined you for the walk in Craigavon Park, which I have never been to. I would love to meet other friends of yours too!


  7. What a cool park! I've never been to one that had agility equipment there to use - very neat!

    I can't blame you for digging while you are bored waiting for your mom to get up - what's a dog to do?

  8. Hi Pepper,

    Looks like you had a fabulous time! We've never been to that park either, though I'm not sure how well we would do at the agility, as we are both quite young and still a little un-coordinated :p hehe

    O wow, we are excavators too!! Though we dig to eat - hehe there is something tasty down there!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes