Monday, October 4, 2010

My dog is an accident waiting to happen

The weather finally seems to have turned – after what seems like literally months of persistent heavy never ending rain, the sun has come out! And its been sunny for 4 days in a row (and counting!) I love love love summer.
We haven’t been to the off leash dog park just down the road for many months, its just been too wet there, the one time we did venture there the mud was over the top of my gumboots in some spots, and it’s a pretty crap place to go at the best of times anyway. But its passable for when I’m working night shift and haven’t the energy to go far.

So, anyway. We popped down there 2 days ago and Pepper was doing the whole “zoomy zoomy” dog thing speeding around when “crrrrrack” she smacked right into a really big rock that was hidden in the long grass. It made such a sickening noise and she somersaulted twice and then started crying and wouldn’t get up. As I ran over, oh god, all I could think was broken leg. Then she was up and not weight bearing. And then……. She ran off chasing another dog. Totally fine. I know she hit it hard but man she’s a real drama queen. Way to give me a heart attack.

We've been exploring different beaches as because of daylight saving starting some of our usual ones are off limits during the day. Today we went to St Leonards Beach in Takapuna, it was gorgeous, we stayed for nearly 2hours cause there were heaps of other dogs that were good players.

And the long haul up the steps to get home.


  1. Brilliant photos, and glad to hear Pepper didn't actually damage herself at the park. It is so scary when they do things like that! I LOL'd at your nudie on the lawn with your mum and the neighbours story... sorry :P

  2. oh dear Emily i'm trying my best to stifle my giggles but other ppl in my office are now staring at me and pondering my mental stability.

    Kaha use to do this thing where he would roll over and yelp when i literally nudge his toe....don't even get me started on how much of a fuss he makes when someone actual steps on him. (he is the best actor!!)

  3. Ha ha, bet the neighbours told that story for weeks.... I agree that Meola reserve is a bit of an overcrowded disaster. If you want just a bit of quiet, safe space to throw a ball around go to the wee unknown dog park in Moa Rd Pt Chev, between De Luen and Kanuka street. You'll often have it to yourself or maybe another dog to run about with.

  4. I am glad that Pepper didn't get injured.

  5. Oh, that was the most hilarious story!! Especially when I got to the "naked" bit - I can just imagine your neighbour's eyes popping out! :-) The things our dogs put us through, huh?

    I sometimes think that dogs don't have any real pain receptors. I mean, I've seen Honey walk smack into concrete walls that would have floored a grown man and she just shakes her head and then trots off again. Once (I'm ashamed to admit this), I really lost my temper at her and smacked her rump (yeah, yeah, I know you should never hit dogs but I really lost it) - anyway, she didn't even bat an eyelid - didn't turn her head, didn't even notice - whereas my hand was red and throbbing for hours! Probably served me right for forgetting the golden rule of dog training! :-)


  6. Glad that is has stopped raining and you got out to play.

    The shake shake shake pics are some of the best. :)

  7. Ouch to the rock. Rusty was involved in a dog park collision once and came up with a bloody nose that freaked me out, but it turned out to be nothing more.