Sunday, October 17, 2010

Starting agility and a 3rd prize

So we started agility training finally last week, after having to wait an extra 3 months because of Peppers scabbie paw problems. The instructors of the class we're in seem really nice, so friendly and helpful and totally positive and into clicker training. One of them has the most awesome beautiful black and tan Kelpie that I think I'm in love with and want to steal. They take things really quietly for the first 8 weeks, with more focus on handling the dog correctly rather than equipment at this early stage which I think is the right approach.

We went to our second ever obedience show today, was originally going to go for a walk to the beach with the "aroundahound" crew but the weather wasn't playing ball so I decided to head out to Ardmore for a look at the last minute. We entered elementary and Pepper was great fun again - two lapses of attention in the ring during the short bit of heelwork, outside she was very very good though, and certainly an improvement on the last time. Again a perfect recall and nailed her stays. We always seem to be right beside a dog that breaks - this time we were in the middle of two, very nerve racking but she was a good girl and didn't move a muscle. We got third! (cue obligatory ribbon shot)

And won a sweet giant tennis ball that was rapidly destroyed and partially consumed.

And in honor of Bodies tongue tied blog post a few days ago, here is Peppers super unsophisticated side tongue effort.


  1. Oh congratulations, Pepper!! what a great achievement for just your 2nd outing!

    And I tried Beginner's Agility too before I left Auckland - it was great fun - although it was a bit unfair coz I couldn't fit through half the equipment! Humph!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. am playing a game about human lookalikes on my blog - come over and check it out! Who do you think looks like you, Pepper?

  2. Yay congrats on third! And the fun prizes. :)

    I love that last picture! It is soooo adorable!

  3. Congratulations on your prize yesterday! I knew you would do really great in trials. We couldn't go to the show as Mum was busy with her work.

    Hay, I saw you in the latest issue of Fetch! magazine. It was super cool!!

  4. Congratulations on a great performance!!! And I can't wait to hear about her agility class! It will be pretty boring before you get to the equipment, but it is also SO SO important.

  5. aww we missed you on Sun hope the weather is a bit better if your out ardmore way pop in and say hi. The rabbit and duck show out the lounge window will have pepper well entertained...

  6. Well done on your obedience, that is awesome, what a lovely big ribbon too! Sad we missed our walk, another time! Your agility sounds like great fun, Snoopy was struggling at our class on Friday.

  7. Hey Pepper, good on you at the Obedience Show, well done for sitting still in between pesky stay breakers. I'll teach you how to do good tongue poking outs when we do our big walk. Our tongues will be hanging out.

  8. Congratulations on doing so well in your Obedience show! Great job holding your stays while other dogs were breaking - that's not easy!

    Enjoy your agility class! We will look forward to seeing you in action in videos soon!

  9. Wow...way to go! Can't wait to hear more about your agility as well. It is so addiciting and fun. :)