Friday, January 14, 2011

All Breeds Obedience

Went to All Breeds for their obedience ribbon trial today and had a pretty good time. It was a scorching hot day and nice that it didn't start until 1.30pm so we got to have a sleep in. (although the pooch is always up snooping around at 7am looking for walks or foods anyway)
No videos or pics cause I was there by myself.

The first elementary class was ok - less focus at the start but improving towards the end. Good recall and stays were fine, although the grounds are right beside a busy train line and in the downs a train came tooting and roaring past and the three dogs to Peppers right (the direction of the tracks) all broke in fright which was a shame for them but I was happy that Pepper held her stay, she was looking very anxious! We came 2nd in that class.

Then we went in Special Beginners but just for training so didn't get marked. She was really good, I had the ball in the ring and we had a good play and it made a huge difference and gave her heaps of motivation.
Then we had a big wait for the huge novice class to finish and we had the 2nd elementary test. Brilliant (for us) heelwork and a super recall. And then we went in for the stays......... and she peed in the ring, haha, damnit! So that was 30 points off and alot of embarrassment. I'd tried to toilet her two minutes before but oh well. She did her stays fine. So instead of getting 1st, because of the pee we got 5th (still, it was amazing to have placed after fouling the ring!!) Another lady from North Shore won the class though so that was awesome.

Then we had the 2nd Spec. Beginners test, she was again good, a few wides in the off leash and a lag in the on leash, but again improved as she went. Another good recall. Sit-stay was hairy, I really thought she was going to down but she didn't. And we ended up winning the class! Yay, I was super proud of her.

Now shes half dead on the floor and I'm so sunburnt I can't sit on the couch. Looking forward to agility next weekend!

Heres some pics of the wee plastic pool we brought last weekend - its been so so hot and with the massive stupid fence around our house turns our yard into a windless oven, so I wanted something she could cool down in. But shes not so keen on getting in to, just likes to bunt her balls around with her nose and blow bubbles instead.


  1. Yay, well done for your obedience, that's so impressive that she stayed still when the train went roaring past! When we used to go there for training, there were never trains going past luckily!
    Oh dear... she must have heard what Snoopy did at agility at hibiscus coast and copied, silly Pepper. It's embarrassing huh?!
    What a pretty pool, neither of our two will go into theirs either :( Tho, tis good for humans!

  2. Jackal wasn't at all fond of his pool at first but he eventually learned to love it! Just give her time. She will appreciate being able to cool off.

    Congrats on a good day at the show. That's too bad about her peeing in the ring. Does she have a "go potty" cue that you could use to get her to pee before a class? It might be worth teaching one to prevent that happening again. Personally I'm surprised they mark it down if they are in an outdoor ring. It's grass! How do the dogs know any different?

    Congrats on the stay during the train passing. That's awesome! It's kind of sad for the other dogs though. Trains even scare me sometimes. They're so loud.

    I can't wait to hear about agility!

    Oh and I've heard that a vinegar bath will help a sunburn. I haven't had the opportunity to try it yet, but I thought I would share in the hopes that it gives you some relief. :)

  3. Congratulations!!! Very impressive about holding the stay even when stressed. I am also jealous of your ability to have a training run during an actual trial. Not allowed over here but it would be so beneficial to help bridge the gap between training and trialing! Keep taking advantage of it!!!

  4. Hi Pepper,

    Wow...I was right beside you at the All Breeds Ribbon trial yesterday and didn't even know it was you!

    I was the Golden Retriever in the fisrt Elementary test that only just bet you. My mum was pretty impressed with me getting a 1st (as this was only the second time I've entered the ring for any sort of obedience trials - my first elementary ribbon trial was when I was young and disobedient). I then tried special begginers, but made my mum weave around the course at strange angles during the walk, went wide arond the corners and then and didn't do my recall right as I went straight to a finish by her left leg - forward thinking by this retriever because I knew that was what I was meant to do next! So after that mum was hot and bothered, and there was lots of waiting around so so we decided not to stay for the rossette tests and instead went home to have a cool drink and sit under the air conditioning.

    Well done on your ribbon and rossetes.


    PS My mum has one of those pools out back for me too, but despite being a water dog I don't get the hang of getting into it. However I have to keep putting my head under water to get my sinkable toys out that she keeps throwing into it. However I've been having lots of fun chasing water from the garden hose and doing jumps over the sprinkler in this hot weather to keep cool.

  5. Congratulations on a very good day at the obedience show! Sounds like Pepper has made lots of progress! And to hold a stay with a train going by is awesome! I'm really looking forward to your agility next weekend! Good luck and have fun!

  6. Way to go! Check out all those ribbons. :)

  7. Hi Pepper! Congrats on your recent Obedience trials - sounds like you're doing REALLY well - no wonder your human is proud of you!

    I love your plastic paddling pool - all the ones I've seen are blue but yours is a nice girlie PINK - hee! hee! I'd probably be like you, though, and not be sure about stepping into it. I know there are doggies that like to lie in their pools but hey - that would mean getting WET!!!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

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  9. Congrats on your obedience trail you look beautiful with all your ribbons the blue look great against your coat. We have one of thought clam shell pools there great for hot days aren’t they . We love the pink color of yours. I love to lie in ours and doggie paddle with my front two feet. But Angus is just like you and never gets in. You must try it one day pepper I recon you will love it. Bye from Milo and Angus