Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year, lots of new things to come..

Hope everyone had a safe and happy christmas and new years. Pepper loved opening all her presents - some new and some old (we wrapped up old stuffies because its the unwrapping that is the funnest part!)

My work (at an adult emergency department) was quite honestly horrendous, so so very busy. I worked over both christmas and new years and it was the busiest holiday period I ever worked in about 6 years.
Media coverage had our department on both national channels news programmes (unfortunately showing a rather harassed and angry looking me both times) imploring the public to drink responsibly and look after themselves and their friends. Which of course makes no difference. NZ has a huge problem with alcohol and if you doubt that then spend an hour at work with me on a Friday or Saturday night, where instead of spending our time, resources and your tax dollars looking after truly sick people, we spend most of it tending to comatose drunks who vomit, urinate and defecate and people with minor and major injuries secondary to alcohol. The ones who are awake are loud, obnoxious, rude and demanding. I'm totally sick to death of it. Its an EMERGENCY department. You will not get seen immediately for the cut on your hand, even though you thought that leaving the waiting room, taking off the bandage we put on and calling an ambulance to bring you back would get you higher up the cue. It will actually put you right at the bottom. And "at least 5 hours wait" does not mean half an hour or 2 hours. It means 5 hours so shut up and sit down - we're not making you wait for the fun of it - we are busy and trying to save peoples lives! Grrrrr!

Ok so rant over. This is the first trick that Pepper's learning for 2011

Handstand. We've only been working on it for one day and its coming along ok. She doesn't have great balance like some other dogs, its taken her a long long time to be able to beg without falling over after half a second so this will be a bit tricky, we'll see how we go.

We have two months full of dog "stuff" - starting on Jan the 15th with an obedience ribbon trial, then the next weekend our first agility show (gotta find somebody to measure her first though - and its not proving easy over a holiday period). It might be a bit too much of a step up as its a champs show so no elementary class to test the waters and having never run an actual course with Pepper before it will be interesting to say the least, but its time to get out competing so we'll give it a go, I'm sure we'll learn plenty. Brought a new "point & shoot" digital camera today (loving the post christmas sales!) after my old one died a few weeks ago. So I'll hopefully find someone to film our most likely embarrassing first attempts so you can all share in the misery of our hopelessness! Haha.


  1. Ugh, ED, yuk! Have only ever been to ED once as a patient and hated it, so feel very sorry for you having to be there every day!
    We like Pepper's new collar ;) hehe, poor Moby :-P
    I have an email address for a measuring lady from ACAC, will email it to you :)
    Happy new year too!

  2. Pepper learned that handstand in one day? Awesome!!! We are looking forward to seeing Pepper's first agility courses and I am sure it won't be hopeless! LOL!

  3. Pepper is so friggin cute and so friggin smart! I love her! She's doing great for only having been working on it for a day. :)

    Sorry work was so bad. That's truly sad that people are that stupid. I can't stand when people are drinking. I normally won't even go to a party where alcohol is being served. If that makes me a dull person, then so be it. I'll be the one who is still alive, happy, healthy and I'll still be able to remember the best years of my life instead of spending it comatose. Ugh. Sorry I just had to add my mini rant to yours. I totally understand where you're coming from.