Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back from holidays

Well we've arrived back in Auckland after going back "home" to the South Island for our wee holiday, the mood down there was understandably sombre because of the earthquake that happened two days before we flew down. The death toll currently sits at 163 people, with many seriously injured and many more still missing under the rubble in the central business district and they are presumed dead as it's been 10 days now since it happened. The city is trashed, people are homeless and it's all very shitty.

On a brighter note, we've brought our first house! Its a really nice wee three bedroom place, really well fenced and we move in at the end of April (I'm supremely impatient and just want to get moved in right now!) Photos to come once we move in, Yipee!

The trip down home was good, Pepper was anxious when we got to the airport but she came off the plane wagging her tail and bouncing around, and was really good on the trip back up, even fell asleep in her crate while we waited for the baggage handlers to come and collect her. She had a fabulous time at my parents place, we had lots of family staying, because of the earthquake, and there where heaps of kids there. She played no-stop with them. The three ear old, Zac, built a hut (it was a spaceship, a vet clinic and a zoo cage) and was constantly dragging pepper in so she could be his co-pilot/patient/lion. It was very cute and she's unbelievably tolerant, I don't think she's had her name screeched at her so much in her entire life.
Some pictures of the ponies - the red-heads are purebred morgans, this is Abraham Pepper showjumping

Thuggy galloping with his eyes closed


Went with the kids out to a wee pony club showjumping day

Pam - the biggest poser and most tolerant pony around

Jess, the black lab, having a good roll in something stinky

And Pepper helping by stealing the hoofpick.


  1. Congrats on your new house!

    Sounds like everyone had a great time. :)

  2. Ohhh I looooove the morgans, they are stunning!! Very jealous that you got a horsey week off with your dog too!

  3. Glad you had such a great trip - sounds like Pepper did absolutely awesome with everything/everyone! It's so nice to have a dog that you can travel with.

    Congratulations on your new house - can't wait to see the pictures!

  4. That looks like a whole lot of fun!
    I love all the pictures, thanks for posting!

    Rudy's Raiser

  5. Congrats on the house.

    I really enjoyed the pictures! I so miss riding.

    Praying for the people affected by the earthquake. So sad.

  6. OOh - congratulations on the new house! Can't wait to see it!!! There's nothing like having your own when you have a dog and being able to leave all that stress of renting and dealing with UN-dogfriendly landlords behind! :-)

    Sounds like you had a great family holiday - love the pictures! And goodness, Pepper really sounded incredibly tolerant - wish you got a picture of her in the "Spaceship"! :-)


  7. A week with horses and dogs. Cant beat it. Congrats on the new house too, wherezit?

  8. Sounds like you guys has a great time away, and very cool that Pepper got to go down with you! - Was it very expensive?

    Congratulations on your new home, you all must be soooo excited :)

    The photo's of the ponies are lovely!