Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun with teatowels

I had heaps of pictures but stupid blogger isn't working and while it uploads them it shuts down the page as soon as they appear. It's driving me nuts.

Anyway, today Pepper learnt about holding a teatowel while doing other tricks. I started doing this to try and make the "roll up in the towel" trick easier for her to understand as she doesn't really like rolling over and we hadn't got very far with training it.

The one that she really stuggled with was twist or spin. She'd get to 180degrees and then the teatowel would get flinged out far away. Something to work on!

Since the last time I wrote we've had 2 more agility ribbon trials and a twilight obedience ribbon trial.

The obedience night was good, we were in specials, although she was quite focused her right and about turns were all really wide and she lost it for just a bit when a spaniel in the next ring had a bit of a leaping and barking episode right beside her. I was really happy with her though and the judge came up afterwards and gave us some nice comments about her keenness and head position which was encouraging. In the down stay she was intently watching me and even pulled out a couple of paw crosses, oh the joys of a clicker trained dog! We got 3rd :)

The agility has been a bit of a mixed bag, its heaps of fun and I'm learning heaps every time we compete, especially about how much there is to learn and train! We've had a few clear rounds, a lot more near misses with rounds of 1 rail or 1 refusal/missed jump. We have another ribbon trial on Sunday.


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  2. That was a cool video - Was very cute to see Pepper doing the tricks, but with a tea towel in her mouth! You've done some really good training with her :)

    Also congratulations on 3rd place for your obeidence, thats awesome! - far better than we could do :p

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  3. Thank you for posting the tea towel trick video!! Pepper has a great "hold"! And your idea was a fantastic one - we are definitely going to give it a try (if we have any luck it will probably end up on next week's tricky t-day)!

    Congratulations on the awesome obedience 3rd place! And good luck Sunday in agility!

  4. Hi,

    It was nice to meet you both at the obedience ribbon trials, and see how well you guys do in the ring. Well done on your 3rd place.

    Riley and his mum

  5. are so smart Pepper. :)

  6. Cool idea, am teaching Moss a backup through my legs holding a hat at the mo but hes dropping it on the way through. Re blogger I'm finding if I try to load 5 photos at the first hit it jams & tells me it can't find my blog. So I do one, and then it seems to be able to cope with 5 the next time. Go figure.

  7. Hi Pepper - I knew you are a smart doggie, but I didn't know you are so wonderfully smart. Your tricks are so great! You should try Paws N Music too!!

  8. Gosh - I'm SO impressed!!! As the owner of a dog who doesn't multi-task well at all, I'm in total awe!!! How on earth did you teach her to keep holding onto the towel while doing the other stuff??

    I struggle with Honey's hold all the time - I can just about get her holding her dumbbell & sit at the end of a formal retrieve but that's about it. Your video has inspired me to try a tea-towel now! :-)


  9. Very nice! I loved the video. Pepper is so cute and super smart.