Monday, February 8, 2010

Evening walks at the golf course & more pony pics

How much is this doggie in the window? Not for sale sorry :)

We're pretty lucky where we live. We have a wonderful dog beach just 5 minutes drive away and less than 1min walk from my front gate is a huge golf course. Dogs are not allowed on the course itself but there are two tracks that run around and through it - the golf course loop and part of the city-to-sea walkway and dogs are allowed on those.

Its been pretty hot here during the day so we go up to the golf course after dinner, its really nice and a good chance for to practise loose lead walking on the way there and back.

Pep spotted 3 bunnies up on the hill and was after them!! But they were magical and disappeared somewhere and she lost them.

Some Toi-Toi which is fun to grap and let the fluffy bits get stuck everywhere
Don't know what this plant is but we thought it looked interesting

Also, I was sent some photos from the wee girls I used to help with riding. They went for a trip to a show and won lots of ribbons and also went riding at the river (I'm green with jealousy, I really hate to miss out on fun stuff like that!)

They also sent some pictures of me riding before we left to come back up North. I'm riding Denver who is half thoroughbred half Morgan and 5 years old. The children and I drove down to a wonderful place not far from my parents place in the South Island to do some cross country riding, which Denver had never done before. She was a super jumper and a real star.

Oh and congrats to Clive for being best in show! And to Honey and Cinnamon for all their winnings as well!!!! Well deserved :)


  1. Love that first picture of you. Like - hey, wait, don't forget me.

  2. lovely photo's :D
    Sanne want a pepper to :)

    El'bow & Hauwii

  3. Hi Pepper,

    Thanks for your congrats message!! I am over the moon with my very first prize in a contest. I entered several agility trials last year, but my best result was the 6th place. So, I was really thrilled with the win!

    A reserve I often go to for a walk with my mum has a golf course beside it. But, you can't walk around the golf course. Be careful when you walk around a golf course, because a ball can fly over your way any time.

    Riding a horse looks like fun, Mum says. She wants to try horse riding sometime!


  4. What great places to walk, Pepper!'re making me homesick for NZ!

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Great pictures! Denver looks like a nice jumper. I wish I had a cross country course and a big river like that to ride in. Very nice!

    You are lucky to live where you do. It sounds really nice. I'm even jealous of the heat. So sick of snow!