Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dog training class upgrade!

Another coastal walk

We had training class two nights ago, again Pepper was naughty by barking pretty much non-stop while we were standing around listening (I'll have to put up a video of her barking, its like a high pitched loud yap, occasionally interspersed with howly type noises, quite terrible. Peppers Dad says that it is highly embarrassing to have a dog that makes that kind of noise.) But whenever we had to "do" something, again she was all focused on me and a total star. At the end of the class the instructor said to me that he would like to grade me out of this class and put me straight into the intro to obedience class (so skip the next 6 weeks of this class (grade 1) and then skip grade 2 as well) Yay Pepper! We have to wait 2 weeks until the new class starts so we will keep going to this class cause its good for Pepper to socialise (and try and get this barking thing sorted)

Here are some pictures of the pups playing at the end of the class - sorry for the blurry-ness and terrible quality - my camera was dropped with the lens open onto a stony horse arena recently and hasn't been the same since (I'm working on getting a new one)
This is Pumba who Pepper lived with at the SPCA and Bugsey, who is 7yrs old. As soon as all the dogs get let off the leash he goes straight for the nearest dogs "ankles" and just latches on, no matter how fast the other dog runs. Brings the term "ankle biter" to life!
The white dog below is Kelly, her and Pepper get on really well, and the giant brindle is Aries, who belongs to one of the instructors.

Check out the blurry levitating pup on the right, weird.

Pep running round and round like a mad thing.


  1. That sounds great, Pepper! (If your only problem is barking, it will get better naturally over time as your confidence builds up, I am sure.)

  2. Wow, Pepper - promoted to grown up Obedience classes already! Way to go!!

  3. Pepperoni! :D
    sounds like fun! at your school

    dont give up :D you will be the best obedience dog ever! :D

    El'bow & Hauwii

  4. Wow congrats on skipping to the intro to obedience class!! Wow what a compliment. :)

  5. I have given you a 'Beautiful Blogger' Award :o)

  6. Congratulations on being promoted straight into the obedience class!