Friday, March 12, 2010

Where did summer go???

Today in Wellington (where we live) a big storm came through at about 4.30pm. The weather dropped 10degrees (Celsius) in less than 15minutes! Brrrrr. I was lucky enough (not) to be walking home when it "hit" and it was freezing and I got very wet and wind swept. Lucky Pepper was cuddled up on her bed when I got home, and she looked decidedly pleased with herself when she saw me looking like a drowned rat.

Here are some pictures from the news websites of the storm rolling on in, pretty chilly stuff but made for some amazing photos!

By around 7pm it had stopped raining and the wind was gone so we were off to the golf course for a quick walk and to make sure the bunnies were behaving (but they were all hiding tonight, the thunder must have scared them away)Pep found a really good pine cone though so that made up for no bunnies.She loves chewing, carrying & chasing pine cones. (We try not to let her bring them home because the mess she makes with them is totally out of this world, you end up picking up pine cone pieces for days and weeks) so they are just a special golf course toy.
Haven't had a chance to test out the new-but-old movie editing software yet (thanks Hsin-Yi!) but here's a quick video of Pepper practicing to wait with the pine cone.

We start our first Rally-O class on Wednesday, I can't wait. We're even going to be skipping the beginner class and going straight into the proper class. (eeekk) I keep reminding the instructors that I'm a horse person not a dog person, so even if Pepper seems to know what she is doing, I haven't really got the foggiest haha. Hopefully I don't embarrass Pepper too much. All the people at the club are just so nice, friendly and laid back. They love their dogs and they're all about positive reinforcement & reward based training. Last week at training Pepper and I stayed behind for an hour and chatted with the instructors while the dogs played and it was so nice to meet a group of people that aren't in it for glory and aren't overly competitive, they just want to have fun with their dogs and help others do the same. We really like this club :)


  1. Those are amazing photos of the storm - so beautiful! Sorry you got caught out in it though. Good luck with your new rally class - I am sure you and Pepper will do very well. You're lucky to have such a great club with nice people to work with.

  2. Those photos of the storm are dramatic! You can see the clear edge of the clouds. I hope you didn't catch a cold afterward.

    Rally Obedience? Oh, my Mum will be jealous, as she's been talking about it for a long time but hasn't been able to find a place where we can do it in Auckland.

  3. Hi Pepper - wow, those storm photos look scary! My human, Paul, has only flown into Wellington one and it was such a horrible, windy landing, he vowed he would never do it again!! :-)

    OOoh - Rally Obedience!! How exciting!! Can't wait to hear more about it!

    I so agree about finding a nice club, though. That's one reason Hsin-Yi and I stopped doing Obedience - because lots of people in the club were a bit nasty snd kept making fund of me coz I'm big and slow and don't act like their crazy hyper working breed doggies - and all they cared about was winning ribbons, whereas all Hsin-Yi wanted was just to do things with me for fun...

    You're so lucky to have found a nice club and nice people to train with!

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. Wow those clouds are incredible! I've never seen anything like that second picture.

    I didn't know you weren't a dog person, you seem like such a natural! You're doing fantastic with Pepper! :)