Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pony post - Before & Afters

I wanted to share some pictures today of two horses I've had in the past that came to me in a not so wonderful states. The first was a 14.3hh 5yr old morgan/TB cross called "Aidrey Lassie" (or Lass to her friends). She was brought sight-unseen by a lady that I worked with and when she arrived off the truck her new owner was horrified - she was in terrible condition. The new owner was not very experienced with young horses and Lass had really not done alot so I agreed to take her on to school for a few months.

This is what she looked like the day she arrived to my paddock (about 1 month after her owner had brought her)
And these pictures were taken about 8 weeks later!

Its amazing what good feed, good grass, regular exercise, grooming and a pair of scissors will do! She was a cool wee horse, we had alot of fun.

The next is my favourite wee pony ever - Panda an miniature timor pony. My friend Chloe and I brought her when we were 14years old for the princely sum of $25 from a horrible disgusting hideous man who had neglected a large number of miniatures he had inherited from his sick father. Our non-horsey parents didn't find out about her for 2 weeks - they were horrified! She was a bag of bones, riddled with lice & worms, had a terrible skin condition, awful feet and was just miserable. She also had a horrible cough due to having a deformity to her soft palate.

These pics were taken the day we brought her.

But with proper treatment (worming, shampoo's, farrier, feeding, covers etc) she soon picked up and became the happiest (slightly out of control) creature on the place. We loved her to pieces. She came everywhere with us and our "big" horses and was a such a character.

Sadly she passed away 6years ago from pneumonia (gosh time goes fast, it only seems like yesterday) and she is buried in our garden.
RIP little savage pony


  1. Amazing before and after photos! Those ponies were so lucky you came into their lives! Mom loves horses and always wished she had one!

  2. Amazing!!! emily!
    that makes us very very happy :) that those horses had a Fantastic live

    and love the last photo a avatar pony haha :)

    El'bow & Hauwii

  3. The "before" pictures are shocking but it's wonderful to see them restored to health and happiness!

  4. That was a very happy making post. I liked that mini horse especially and she sure was lucky you found her.


  5. So friggin cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both were adorable! People are so cruel to let them get in that condition. That is so fantastic that you rescued the miniature horse like that and brought her back to health. :) Thanks for sharing.