Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another visitor

When we got home from the beach yesterday there was barking coming from behind one of the doors - it was one of the boy's friends who had brought her dog around to visit - Cocoa, who is half foxy half miniture pinscher. She's only really little (she weighs 5kg and Pep weighs 21kg) and is quite overweight which is never good for any dog, but especially for her because she has hip dysplasia, so the extra weight she is carrying won't help her hips at all.

Cocoa was not at all like Pepper's other friend Cocoa (one half of the lab attack), she was all snarly and yap yap yappy, Pepper was not too impressed because this is HER house and what right did this tiny yapper have to tell her off for coming inside!?!?

So she ran away and hid up in the garden where Cocoa couldn't yap and nip at her.

But eventually they sorted things out in the ways dogs always tend to do, although Pepper still wasn't keen on playing with her.

We also got given a blog award from Lou at Talisman Farm (thanks Lou!)

We can't remember the rules but we want to give it to El'bow & Hauwii because they have great cartoons


  1. yeaaaah :D thank you PEPPERONI!!! :)
    we love it!!

    whooow love you visitor!!
    that photo of you to looking above is cute!!!

    El'bow & Hauwii

  2. Cocoa is a cute pup, although she may need to shed some weight as you say. I also have hip dysplasia, so my humans always keep a close eye on my weight.

    Cocoa might be 'yap yap yappy' now, but hopefully she will learn to calm down a little so that you can become good friends!

  3. Ooh - I thought Cocoa looked sweet until I started readig about her yapping and snarling!

    I think she needs to learn some manners - and maybe lose some weight too!

    Glad you worked things out between you though!

    Honey the Great Dane