Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1st Rally-O link

Rally in NZ is a really new dog sport, there are only a handleful of clubs that actually offer it.
Lucky us that we found one (and sad that we're leaving)
Therefore in order to allow for more competition there is a "Link" course set every month. Basically every month participating clubs are sent a new rally course, they can pick the time/day to set up and do it. A member from the club judges and the scores from all over the country are sent in and compared against each other. We had a go for the first time last night.
Pepper had had a terrible week at club last week - she had another UTI and she spent the whole time with her tail between her legs & kept wanting to hid under the bench. Poor wee girl. So I wasn't sure how we would go this week
But she was almost back to her normal self, happy and full of fun!
I was really proud of her - a bit slow to down in the moving down, we had quite a lapse of concentration during the 1, 2, 3 steps and she hardly even increased her speed for the fast pace but aside from those wee things her attention was on me most of the time, her left turns were ok and we had heaps of fun! I'm hoping one of the Auckland clubs will get with the program and start to offer rally so we can keep going.

Oh and the club had their lights fixed (after vandels smashed them) only to have them all smashed again two days later. Unbelievable.


  1. I am very impressed with how Pepper did in the Rally O Link! Last year I tried the Agility Link a few times as a non-Link member, but I never did as well as Pepper did at the Rally O Link!

  2. Very nice! I thought Pepper was pretty attentive and fast to respond! Nice auto sits too :)

  3. you so good PEPPERoni
    we do almost the same well hauwii en Sanne
    they do some "breitensport" its realy realy funn
    thanks furrr sharing

    El'bow & Hauwii

  4. I think you and Pepper did great! Very good work! Sorry about the lights at the club again - what is wrong with people?

  5. Wow - I can't believe Pepper's focus & attention at only 10 months! What a great little dog! (And what a great trainer you are!) We tried a couple of Rally exercises at Flip's a few times just for fun - it was great. Honey is AWFULLY slow on Sits, though - you could get another dog to do a whole round in the time it takes her to arrange her back legs to put her bottomw on the ground!!

    I didn' really look into any clubs in Auckland though as we already had our hands/paws full with dancing! - but I hope you do find a club tht offers it!