Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trip down South

Wow, what a lot of traveling we've done over the past 4 days!
The wedding we went to was incredible, such a gorgeous setting.


Our good friends Rach, Ollie and Andrea

And Te Anau turned on 3 cracker days of perfect sunshine

We stopped off at my home town on the way back and stayed with my parents.
Of course Moby was there, he looks very old all of a sudden.

And this is Mobys friends Marley who was staying at our house.

I managed to squeeze in time to ride to pony club with my good friends nieces

And of course say hi to Jess & Cocoa (lab attack)

And give cuddles to all the horses.
This is Max, the "Wild" stallion.

And two rather large foals that really need to be weaned (according to their long suffering mothers!)

Pepper was so happy to see us when we picked her up last night, she was absolutly filthy (so had obviously had a great time) and totally tired


  1.'re making me SO homesick for NZ with those gorgeous photos!! We had a great time in Te Anau when we visited on our "round-the-South-Island" trip...we went to the glow worm caves across the lake - unforgettable experience! And did a couple of fantastic treks - most spectacular views!

    It sounds like you HAVE had a packed 4 days! Can't believe you did all that in just 4 days!


  2. what super duper photo's!!!!! :)
    you did alot in 4 days

    and my lovely PEPERoni you are sooooo sweet wen you are sleeping

    El'bow & Hauwii

  3. Wow, beautiful photos!! They make me want to visit the South Island!