Monday, April 5, 2010

Head Down

Here's what Pepper learnt last week:

Last night she was sitting in the most ridiculous "split legs" position, playing with one of her favourite things - a tiny ripped off leg from a stuffie (in this case her nemesis the hedgehog) She plays with these tiny pieces for ages, carrying them around, throwing them in the air and hiding them under the couch for us to "rescue" Silly pup.


  1. One of your new tricks, head down into a 'paws up', is so cute and clever!

  2. Great job on your new trick! I love the combination of head down and paws up!

  3. my sweet PEPERoni
    you are sooooo smart and vute :)

    El'bow & Hauwii

  4. Oooh - Pepper - you are very clever! My human has been wanting to add "heads down" to my "paws up" too but she hasn't had much time to train it and I'm a MUCH slower learner - hee! hee! At the moment, I am still just learning "head down" properly - although in my case, they call it "chin".

    Must post a video to show you soon!

    Well done! Loved your video!

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Wow Pepper that's cute. I've gotta learn some new tricks cos we've got really lazy, maybe you could teach me some new tricks when you come up to Auckland. Hey we've tagged you to play a game. Check it out. Bodie & Mrs Magoo.