Sunday, April 4, 2010

No easter for me

Yep, because I've been working the whole time. So no time for blogging either
This is just a quick one - up at dog club last week, we arrived to find vandals had been (probably late the night before) and the had tagged everywhere - on the club house walls, the inside lights the doors. But worst off all they had spent quite a considerable of time smashing all 6 of the brand new big lights that are for lighting up the area to work the dogs. Totally disgusting and heartbreaking. The amount of time it took to try and get the glass picked up off the astro-turf wasn't nice either. (and we couldn't get it all, so its dangerous for the dogs now) The club had worked for years to fund those lights and some little thugs come along and destroy it for nothing. Makes me sick to my stomach.


  1. That's just horrible! So sorry to hear and I really don't understand people and why they think destroying others' property and hard work is fun.

    Sorry you had to work so much too but Happy Easter any way!

  2. That is terrible! I really don't understand why they can do such disturbing and damaging things! I feel extremely cross about the vandals and sorry for the members of the club.

  3. Grrrr....dat makes me very mad. So sorry to hear about the lights and vandalism.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  4. Rotten people! Dogs would never do such a thing.

  5. ooooooooooh sorry about that
    well we still wish you and your humans a happy easter

    El'bow & Hauwii

  6. So sorry for the damage. Unfortunately, teenagers with extra time on their hand, I am sure.

  7. Sorry you couldn't have easter.
    That's terrible :(
    Hope you have a better day today.
    It looks like Pepper and Mika are one ear up one ear down buddies :)