Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tag Game

Thanks Bodie & Mrs Magoo for tagging me into the game!
So because Peppers only a puppy and I've used many of her puppy photos on the blog already I thought I'd just choose the first album on my computer and post the 10th photo from that.
And its horsey (of course)

This is me & my old horse Molly in all her muddy finery. It was taken in July 2006 (winter for us down here) It was freezing, and had been raining for weeks. It was too wet to ride in the paddocks but I wanted to use my new camera and take a few quick pics. And I know, no helmet, I'm naughty.
Here's a couple of "after" shots to show that we weren't always covered in mud! She was potentially the most over photographed horse in NZ for about 2 years.

In my hand is a Pukeko that came to a show with us one day. Our friend Jenny is a crazy bird rescuing lady and so all the wee rescue birds that she has have to come along so they don't miss out on their feeds. Lilly-Jane was her name and she was hilarious. We also had 1 or 2 magpies along for the ride that day. Here's Lilly-Jane up close.

Not to leave Pepper out though, here's some beachy pictures from yesterday.

Firstly a rather serious looking Pepper checking for seagulls before we set off to walk there (Seagull checking is a very important job, apparently)

Happy and tired on the way home.

We want to tag Elbow and Hauwii to play the game too! (10th photo from your first album and tell us all about it!)


  1. We don't get to the beach very often, but seagull monitoring is serious business.

  2. Love the horse photos - the one with you and your horse and the bird is especially terrific!

    Pepper must've been one very happy dog after a trip to the beach yesterday!

  3. Aw...Molly is just gorgeous...especially the one of her with her coat gleaming in the sun!

    And I think Pukeko's are just adorable with their enormous feet...especially the babies! :-)

    Great beach shots - makes me homesick!


  4. woooow looks like funnnn :D
    we gonna do that tagg thingy

    El'bow & Hauwii

  5. Cool action shots at the beach Pepper. And yep seagull checking is definately serious business. Along with the study of cats.
    Bodie & Goo

  6. Molly was gorgeous!!!! I'm drooling over that awesome, thick tail. :)

    I love the beach pictures of Pepper. :)